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Why repetitive exercise is a waste of energy and time

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Exercising for the sake of exercising? Why do we do this? It’s weird and it’s certainly not cool. We all know that for the majority of adult exercising is for aesthetics not health. And that’s what the fitness industry frequently propagates. I bet our neanderthal ancestors weren’t fretting about their post work spin session or the size of their arms. …

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What does a Rabble session look like? – With Samantha

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Samantha came across Rabble four years ago, when she was new to London, looking to get fit and make some new friends. “London can be a lonely place, even though it’s brimming full of people, but it suddenly felt a lot more homely when I rocked up to my first Rabble session.” Fast-forward to November 2018, and Samantha’s officially been …

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What happens on a Rabble training course?

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One of the questions we get asked the most is “What happens on the on-site training course?” and “Am I qualified?”. Sit back, and relax as we reveal all!   Once you’ve signed up:   So, you’re excited, you’ve paid, you’ve got your train ticket and your place on the course is secured, (woo congratulations!) but what happens next?! After …

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Rabble Ski Trip 2018

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Rabble hosted their second ski trip this year with 42 people joining in (12 more than last year) We had Rabblers from London, Cambridge, Manchester & even some non-Rabblers.   We arrived at Gatwick airport at a much more reasonable time this year (10:45am) After dishing out some sweet Rabble Ski Trip 2018 jumpers, it was straight into Wetherspoons to meet everyone. …

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Why kids are in better shape than adults

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When was the last time that you actually exercised for fun?   Not, you planned to go out for a nice run later, but you actually just started exercising for the fun of it, you just fancied a run-around, like you just wanted to burn off some energy. If you’re like most of the population, then it’s probably been a …