Marketing Your Rabble Sessions

Want to know some tips and tricks on how to market your sessions and keep growing your community of players? Check out the guides on how to do so using different channels!

Primary Marketing Channels

Here are the marketing channels that you should primarily focus on.
  • Request Material

    Rabble HQ can provide you with a range of physical marketing materials such as flyers, posters, business cards and banners. Just request what material you'd like and we'll send you a custom design!

  • Print Material

    After you've received your custom designs from us, you can go ahead and print them from a local print shop of websites such as Vistaprint or Helloprint.

  • Distribute Material

    Once you've received your printed materials you can start to distribute them in locations such as:
    - gyms or leisure centres,
    - cafes or other local businesses that your target audience may frequent.
    Remember to give out flyers to players who attend your sessions! Tell them to inve their friends to your upcoming session and give them referral discounts to help grow your community of players!

Secondary Marketing Channels

Keen to grow your community of players even more? These are some additional channels that you can try pursue to get more players to join your sessions. Good luck!


Congratulations, you’re well on your way to the launch of your very own Rabble. With your first session looming it is important to start the marketing process by raising awareness around your new venture in the hope that this will ensure good turnouts at your sessions.

Click the button below to post to Facebook, letting people know what Rabble is. We have also provided a message you can copy and use in your post.

Getting you started

To enable you to hit the ground running we’ve create a marketing guide that encompasses a range of marketing techniques that should allow you to become a successful Rabble instructor.

You should start the following marketing process as soon as possible. There is also a checklist where you can review what you have, and haven’t, done so far. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to message your allocated launch buddy.