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Stop exercising, start playing!
Have fun. Get fit. Meet people.

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What is Rabble?

Workouts that are so much fun you forget you're exercising and so friendly you'll find a whole community of playful, adventurers who want to make the most of life. Rabble sessions are interactive games from beginning to end, that are different every time and inclusive of everyone whether you're new to exercise or have been working out for years.

Rabble games improve your all-round fitness really quickly. Sprinting for bases, ducking dodgeballs and catching vortexes all leads to increased speed, agility, coordination, strength and endurance. If you can be bothered to count, you’ll burn up to 800 calories and cover up to 8k in one game. But honestly we’re too busy playing.

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Get Fit.

A Rabble session is an hour of immersive team games. Each game disguises high intensity intervals within the rules, giving you an effective, all-body workout.

Want to get fit?

Meet People.

We play in teams, both on the field and after in the pub. We're inclusive, supportive and positive, and the Social Club organises regular events.

Want to meet people?

Have Fun.

Our sessions are remixed team games so every class is different and you forget you're exercising. Expect fun throwing, running, jumping and more.

Want to have fun?