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About Rabble

We’ve transformed workouts into games. We play everything from British Bulldogs to Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, Frisbee and many more.

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We have various locations across the UK and beyond! Check out our locations page to find your nearest Rabble session.

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Inspired by playground games like British Bulldogs and Capture the Flag, Rabble mixes high-intensity training with fun and social team games!

What to expect at Rabble:


Get fit.

A Rabble session is an hour of immersive team games. Each game disguises high intensity intervals within the rules, giving you an effective, all-body workout.


Have fun.

Our sessions are remixed team games so every class is different and you'll forget you’re exercising. We play a range of games at each session, each will be explained before we start so there's no need to have played before.


Get social.

We play in teams, both on the field and off-field. We’re inclusive and friendly, and the social club organises regular events.

Join for the fitness, stay for the socials.

You'll make plenty of friends at Rabble - we have socials after each session and throughout the year

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