Rabble Ramblings

Instructor Spotlight- Ian Northcott, Bromsgrove

Introducing Ian Northcott, our new Bromsgrove instructor. He’s been doing fantastic so far, so we had a quick catchup to … Read More »

20 Reasons to be become a Rabble instructor

Whether you’re looking to chase your passion or pocket some cash, there’s plenty of reasons to be an instructor for … Read More »

Why the fitness industry sucks at building community

The fitness industry is terrible for making friends
It’s weird that people opt to do group classes but never speak to … Read More »

Ways to meet people in a new city

Where would we be without friends?
So you’ve just moved to a new city, and you’re looking to meet people because … Read More »

Why don’t 80% of adults meet the minimum exercise guidelines?

It’s shocking that 4/5 of adults in the UK and the US do not meet the National Minimum guidelines for … Read More »

Top 5 forms of exercise for your mental health

It’s undisputed that exercise is good for mental health, to the extent that it’s been shown in some cases to … Read More »

2017 Round up

January – We celebrated Rabble’s 3rd birthday by getting custard pied! And Ciaran & Dean got engaged!

February  – Rabble valentines … Read More »

Virtual Instructors. Should we be worried?

Virtual Instructors & The Future of Fitness. Should instructors be worried?
Increasingly group exercise classes are being run by virtual instructors. … Read More »


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