Instructor Spotlight – Matt Weeks, Horsham

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Introducing the Horsham sessions, led by Matt Weeks. He’s been running our Horsham games for over 1 year now and in that time has built a great community following. We’ve been really impressed by how he’s performing so we thought it would be great to hear from the man himself!


Why did you decide to become a Rabble instructor?

I became a Rabble instructor after seeing an advert for instructors on a job website. I remembered reading about Rabble a few years back but I couldn’t justify the journey to London to give it a go. I have become more and more involved in health and fitness over the years and have always enjoyed the fun and competitive circuit sessions so Rabble seemed like a perfect fit.


How have your sessions been performing?

The Rabble Horsham Sessions have been going great. They have been growing every week and the players are enjoying themselves and doing a fantastic job of spreading the word. I am very lucky to have a great group of regular players. The players are growing in confidence as well as fitness. They are laughing more every session and are learning to work together to play the games. It is great to see the more regular players help the new players with encouragement and tips on the games.


How did you explain the games to new players?

Different people learn in different ways but most pick up the basic rules quickly from the explanations, some of the games are more complex and a demonstration is helpful. But most are happy to get going and pick it up as we go, I have a great group of players who help new players through their first games so they very quickly get the hang of it. Then after a few weeks they get the basic concepts that underlie many of the Rabble games and picking up new games is much quicker!


What has been your favourite game to teach?

I really enjoy chase and capture games like Capture the Flag and Hunger Games. My players really enjoy these games as they have a lot of different versions that keep them interesting and they are more adventurous with plenty of strategy!


How did you improve your player numbers?

I like to think I have increased my numbers by being a great instructor…. Joking aside I can put most of the growth down to word of mouth. My players have been great at bringing their friends and relatives down to sessions. I want to really encourage this so I offer a good refer a friend offer to reward them for this.


How have you spread the word about Rabble?

I spread the word about Rabble by doing a fair amount of outreach. I have handed out leaflets at local events and businesses as well as posting leaflets door to door around Horsham Park. I have posted on local Facebook sites and I regularly post on the Rabble HorshamFacebook page about games and offers.


What advice could you give to other instructors?

I would advise new instructors to throw themselves into it. The players can tell when you are invested in the sessions and they are the most important element in my opinion. I have made a point to listen and react to their comments about the sessions. I think it is important to encourage their interaction and I really value their opinions.


What has been your favourite Rabble moment so far?

I have been really enjoying running Rabble sessions for the past couple of months but If I had to choose my favourite moment I would have to say it was the first time we broke double digits for players. We had an amazing session that day and it was great to see everyone having a good time.


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