What happens on a Rabble training course?

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One of the questions we get asked the most is “What happens on the on-site training course?” and “Am I qualified?”. Sit back, and relax as we reveal all!


Once you’ve signed up:


So, you’re excited, you’ve paid, you’ve got your train ticket and your place on the course is secured, (woo congratulations!) but what happens next?!
After paying and securing your place on one of our on-site courses, you’ll be contacted by a member of our team that’ll grant you access to your own Instructor Dashboard! Here you will find all of the Online training materials including your starter pack of games, tutorial videos starring Rabble’s founder Charlotte Roach and loads more useful stuff! So get excited, and get reading! Before your day of training, you’ll be contacted by your designated Master Instructor, he or she will confirm meeting point and answer any last minute questions you may have with a smile on their face (via emojis).


The day of training:


You’re nervous, excited and flicking through your game’s manual! Relax… Get ready for a day of outdoor fun!
In the morning, you will meet your designated Master Instructor and the other aspiring instructors in a lovely Cafe over a cup of coffee (and cake, if you wish). The morning is predominantly taken up by working through each game from your starter pack as a group, re-familiarising yourselves with the Instructor pack and asking any burning questions you may have!
At 11am, you will then venture outdoors, and take part in a live game of Rabble as a player!




After the game, de-sweating and eating lunch; you will meet up as a group and begin the (even more) fun stuff!
The whole afternoon is spent setting up your own mock pitches and running mini mock games with the help of your peers and Master Instructor. Here you will develop your understanding of each game’s rules, how to adapt pitch sizes depending on player size, how to increase or decrease the intensity of each game and lots more! After laying out a few pitches each and running your first mock games, you will learn how to plan and structure your own Rabble sessions, and market yourself online!


Post training:


Your certificate has just arrived in your inbox, you’re eager to get going and can’t stop telling your friends about your weekend!
Upon completion of your training, you will be allocated a Rabble ‘launch buddy’, he or she will be your point of contact helping you up until your launch date (decided by you)!
They will set you up with your own official Rabble webpage, grant you access to all of our online marketing materials for both online and printed use (flyers, posters etc), set you up with your own Rabble Facebook, add your location to your own Rabble booking platform for players and prepare your launch event with two weeks of paid (by us) advertising!


So… What are you waiting for? You’re it!


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