What happens on a Rabble training course?

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One of the questions we get asked the most is “What happens during a Rabble training course?” and “Am I qualified?”. Sit back, and relax as we reveal all!


Once you’ve signed up:

If you’ve never played Rabble before, you’ll be invited by one of our instructors to take part in a game as a player first. This will be at one of our current session locations, and it will help you understand what Rabble is all about!

After you’ve played your first game – and we’ve answered any burning questions you have – you’ll be invited to train with us.


The training:

This is your chance to be part of a seriously engaged community – people typically stay at Rabble 8 times longer than gyms!

You’ll learn how to communicate effectively, keep people coming back for more, create engaged communities – all while being supported by our friendly Rabble team.

Once you’re invited to train with us:

  • You’ll be given access to your own Instructor Dashboard. Here you’ll find all of the online training materials including your starter pack of games, tutorial videos and loads more useful stuff!
  • You’ll be invited to shadow a number of sessions, where you’ll help to set up and run one or more games – until you’re confident you can plan and run and structure your own Rabble sessions.
  • We’ll aim to get you up and running your own sessions as quickly as possible. How long it takes will depend on your experience and the amount of support you need. We’ll help you every step along the way.
  • We have a repository of over 200 games at Rabble – but to make this manageable at first you’ll just be focussing on the starter pack of games we give you. Over time you’ll develop your understanding of many more games. You’ll also learn how to adapt pitch sizes depending on player numbers, how to increase or decrease the intensity of each game and lots more.

Once you feel ready, we’ll invite you to an assessment. You’ll plan, structure and run a session of your own and an experienced instructor will assess you.

If you pass the assessment – congratulations you’re a new Rabble instructor! If you fail – don’t worry, you can try again at a later date.

After training:

  • You’ll receive your certificate – congratulations you’re officially a Rabble instructor, and part of our lovely team!
  • You’ll receive your very own kit bag with all the essential equipment you need to run a Rabble session – including cones, balls, frisbees, bibs, clickers, first-aid kits etc.
  • All instructors are sports specific first-aid trained. If you don’t have a current up-to-date certificate then we will enrol you onto a specific online training course. This will ensure you can confidently deal with any injuries players may receive while playing
  • If you’re based in London or Cambridge: tell us your schedule each month and we can make sure we book you in to instruct the sessions that suit you!
  • If you’re launching a new location for Rabble (e.g., your local park): we’ll set up the booking system on our website, and provide promotional materials (Instagram, leaflets etc)



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