MEET: Jason Grant – One of our many successful online trainees!

In Instructor Stories by Charlotte

Who are you?

I am Jason Grant, I qualified as a fitness instructor a few years ago and I am currently studying a Level 3 qualification in Personal Training. I am a keen gym-goer and particularly enjoy CrossFit and HIIT workouts. I am a huge dog lover and proud Dad to 3 fur babies: Alfie (6) and Ruby (3) my border terriers and Fergus (3 months) my new GSP puppy (German shorthaired pointer).  I also do a lot of trail running and cycling. However, my real passion is Canicross, (running with dogs in harness) and I compete in a variety of events around Scotland with my companion Rumour (a 3-year-old Scandinavian Hound).

“I am a huge dog lover and proud Dad to 3 fur babies…”

How did you hear about Rabble?

My friend mentioned that she had been sent an advert on social media about becoming a Rabble instructor and sent me the link and I called the founder Charlotte Roach to get more info. When I spoke to Charlotte I was pleased to hear a synergy in our values around making exercise more fun and something that people could look forward to. I remember her saying wouldn’t it be great if “adults could just go back to playing like kids” and I thought there is something in this and I wanted to be associated to the Rabble brand at that point.

As I investigated more into becoming a Rabble instructor I realised it met my need of having complete autonomy as a self-employed person but equally receive the marketing support from Rabble centrally should I need it. This support has been very useful especially on the social media side of things. As a licensee, I enjoy the flexibility that Rabble gives and I am in control of how many classes I run in a week and how this fits around any other aspects of my life.

“…wouldn’t it be great if adults could just go back to playing like kids!”

What does Rabble Dundee look like right now?

As the first licensee in Scotland, it is exciting to see so many people being aware of Rabble and coming along to attend my sessions. Things have been going from strength to strength since! In the first 4 weeks since launch, I ran over 25 sessions to a combination of general public and private groups, exposing over 100 new people to Rabble Dundee.

“Things have been going from strength to strength since!”

How was your training to become an instructor?

I completed my instructor training online and found that I needed to play the games not just watch them on a screen before I understood them. So I reached out to a local instructor in Edinburgh and went along to a few of his sessions so I could play the games and in the third session, he let me set up some pitches, explain rules to players and then act as player and coach.

“I completed my instructor training online…”

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