MEET: Cassie Keen – Police officer to Fun officer!

In Instructor Stories by Charlotte

Who are you?

Hi, my name is Cassie.

I was a Police Officer for 30 years and I am now fortunate enough to be retired, and running my own Rabble sessions! (For anyone trying to work out my age, let me help you… I joined when I was 10) 😉


“I was a Police Officer for 30 years…”

How did you hear about Rabble?

 I saw it advertised as a feature on a TV programme on Channel 5  called ‘How to get a Holiday body in 4 weeks’. (Still waiting for my holiday body though…)

What does Rabble Morpeth look like right now?

I was the first Rabble set up in the North East.  I do believe there is another Rabble in Hexham now though.
I run Parent and Children Rabble sessions so that families can have fun together!
“I run Parent and Children Rabble sessions…”

Words of wisdom for people starting as, or considering becoming an Instructor?

Ooh, that’s a toughie! Don’t be afraid to network and get your brand known in the local community.

Favorite moment from a Rabble game?

When my daughter scored a great point just before the whistle in the Rabble game, ‘Nesketball’ to win the game!

“When my daughter scored a great point…”

Favorite pre-bedtime snack, and why?

Carousel Nougat Wafer (the type you use with ice cream with marshmallow inside). Why? Because I can! 🤣

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