What are the benefits of being a Rabble instructor?

Earn money at your own pace

Run your Rabble sessions as little or as often as you want, and earn up to £300 per session while playing fun games.

Build an engaged community

Rabble is super social, so players are twice more likely to stick with you, compared to other fitness providers or gyms.

Tailor your Rabble for everyone

Adapt your games to build a rounded Rabble session for people of all fitness levels, at any location of your choice.

Save time and focus on playing

We provide a booking system, ongoing support and help you every step of the way with marketing materials and more.

Do you want to join the fun?

Fill out this form, and we’ll give you all the details you need to decide whether Rabble is for you. The Instructor Information Pack contains all the details about the training course, the support we provide, and more.

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“You were made to feel part of the team right away, which has proven to be the Rabble way! As someone who isn’t very confident, I found that the training really helped to build my confidence, not only in being able to instruct games, but also in socialising with the players and the other instructors.”
Samantha, Instructor

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“I went to a session in Manchester and thought it was some of the most fun I had had doing exercise. As I already coached kids, trying to make sessions as fun as possible, I thought Rabble was just what I was looking for to get into training adults”
Ali, Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

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Definitely! Rabble sessions are extremely flexible. Many of our current instructors who have full-time jobs still have time to run Rabble sessions and earn some extra money!
You’re in control. You can run Rabble sessions whenever you have the time and at any location of your choice!
Nope! As previously stated, we provide you with training and teach you all you need to know to be able to run your own Rabble sessions.
We’ve made the instructor start-up process very simple.

What you need to do to start running your own Rabble sessions is:
– attend our 1-day training session,
– obtain your license,
– own very basic sports equipment.

That’s it! You’re set!

With your £24.99 Rabble license fee, running your own sessions could generate you £1050pcm.


It depends on how much you want to charge for each class, how big you want to build your community and how many games you want to run. We give you the power to set your own prices, and the flexibility to manage your own schedule.

  • Ability to run Rabble sessions whenever you have time and at any location of your choice
  • Extensive support from the Rabble team; including a booking system and marketing materials to help you grow your community of players
  • Access to 6 Rabble games to start with, with new additions every month
  • Use of the internationally recognised Rabble brand
You can run your sessions with a friend to make it even more fun!

Join at the same time and you’ll both get a discount on your training session fee.