Coming to Your First Game

In Rabble news by Charlotte

We get a bunch of new players coming down to each game we hold.

Everyone has an awesome time, and newcomers and seasoned players get stuck in.

We know though that it can be a bit apprehensive coming to your first game – meeting new people, and wondering if you’re fit enough to join in can make you a little nervous.

Everyone feels that way, but we’re designed to make it as easy as possible to get involved.

It’s our mission for you to: Get Fit. Meet People. Have Fun.

We don’t expect you to have played before.

Each game will feel different even if you’ve played before because of the people, the space, the different variations the instructor might choose.

We have designed over 500 games.

This variety builds an all round level of fitness, different skills and prevents boredom!

How it works:

  1. You’ll arrive at our session and be welcomed by our instructor, who will give you an overview of what will happen at the session.
  2. Rabble sessions are 1 hour of a variety games, so that we cover different fitness areas and skills including speed, endurance, co-ordination, agility, reaction times, strength and more.
  3. You’re not expected to know how to play. Because we play so many different games we assume the rules are new to everyone, so we always explain the rules before we begin each game.
  4. We begin each session with some easy warm up games, before moving into the main game which will be listed online. The games will evolve over the course of the session, gradually getting more challenging.
  5. At Rabble we put fun first. There’s no right and wrong, good and bad in our games, if you’re running around and having a great time. Then you’re doing it right!
  6. After the session we will do a cool down and some stretches and often we will head for a drink or a coffee afterwards.

Sound like fun?


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