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Rabble Ski Trip 2018

17-24 March 2018

By now you’ll have heard about the Rabble Ski Trip 2018 to Risoul in France (if you haven’t then you can throw a snowball at my face…), but perhaps you’re wondering “why, Steve, that sounds like an awesome adventure, but I can’t ski! Halp!”



I’ve never skied either, and nor have a number of people who’ve joined us on previous ski trips, so let’s slide into it…



Science says going downhill is caused by something called “gravity” and “overcoming resistance” (basically the same reasons you can launch a dodgeball into the air and it curve beautifully to tag an opponent).




So, you strap on something to help you spread weight and give you a greater area for control (i.e. skis, snowboard, loaves of bread…), keep your centre of gravity in the middle, and you should begin sliding.



Most lessons will start out on the slope with “the snowplow”.

Don’t worry, you’re not tidying up the latest flurry, it’s a V shaped move designed to help you get comfortable sliding in a straight line, and is really simple (it also acts as a brake, so you won’t build up too much speed).

Now, here’s where all those dodging skills from Rabble come in, if you want to start moving around turning, you need to start shifting weight across your skis – just like you would when you dodge a tag during Jailbreak.

Just imagine you’re on the last stretch before a base, but you need to weave around someone. Send them one way, then the other – that’s basically it!

Right, we’re sliding and moving



Now’s the bit most people are a bit scared of: stopping.

Let’s go back to the snowplow, when you’re moving, you can simply move the skis back into the V shape to bring the speed back down, and you’ll glide to a halt. Simples!

Then it’s off to the lodge for a little apres-ski and celebrate that first snow session *strong*

Obviously, it’ll take a bit of getting used to (and I think that ostrich has been practicing for a long time…), but as long as you don’t take off to a black run on Day 1, you’ll have an awesome time!

There’ll be other skiing newbies coming along too, and we’ll be helping to arrange either half or full day lessons with a qualified instructor (not an ostrich…) to get you up and going.

Looking forward to seeing you on the slopes!

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“The last trip was awesome!”

“The best part was learning how to snowboard and dancing on a barrel at the first night of Aprés Ski”

“I can’t wait to dance on a barrel at every night of Aprés Ski”