MEET: Tracey Jones – 47 years young!

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Who are you?

My name is Tracey Jones, and I’m the Instructor at Rabble Calne!
In 2014 I decided that I need to do something about my ever-increasing weight. I embarked on a low-calorie diet and after six months I had lost 6.5 stone. My weight loss made me think about my career, leading to me resigning from my job and retraining as a Personal Trainer. Over the last 2 years, I have worked within the fitness industry expanding my knowledge with further qualifications and gaining experience. I now work part-time in a large local gym.
During the past 2 years, I have worked and trained a variety of clients. I am a level 3 GP referral qualified instructor & Personal Trainer. I also have TRX & Kettlebell instructor qualification which help me provide a wide range of exercise to my clients.
Whilst I enjoy working in the gym I understand that this environment really is not for everyone. I truly understand how some people feel might feel about using a gym as this can be a daunting experience & not something that everyone would enjoy.

“…after six months I had lost 6.5 stone.”

How did you hear about Rabble?


I decided to become a Rabble instructor after being contacted by Charlotte Roach. I loved the idea of offering something new & fresh and a different way to “get fit” or “stay fit” to people in my local area. Rabble offers everyone a chance to participate in exercise that is “Fun”.

“…I loved the idea of offering something new & fresh…”

What does Rabble Calne look like right now?

I’ve not been running my Rabble sessions that long and I’m currently running 2 a week. One of my session is currently indoors as this offer people the chance to participate all year

 round no matter what the weather. I truly believe that once you’ve tried Rabble you will love it! So I always people to come along and try one of my events.

You can expect my games to be hard work, fun, varied and inclusive of all no matter what your current level of fitness!

“I truly believe that once you’ve tried Rabble you will love it!”

What’s your favourite Rabble game to play?

I love all the Rabble games and variations but my favourite has to be any game including a Vortex or a Frisbee!

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