The Intercity Games 2017

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Rabble intercity games

The Intercity Games began on a gloomy & cloudy Saturday morning, but that didn’t stop us from bringing the fun.

Last year it was Finsbury Park to host, but this year it was Manchester’s turn.

8 teams, full of bustling Rabble players, happy to support their local groups, eager to get the day started, and ready take their rightful win erupted onto the field, just waiting to get started!



Round 1:

We started off with some classics that everyone knew: Bulldogs, Gladiators, and Game of Thrones. The starting games were to decide the divisions for the rest of the day, the top four teams would enter the first division and the rest would enter division two.


Everyone poured onto the pitch and dived into a massive game of Bulldogs to get things started. A classic, make it to the other side and don’t get caught by the bulldogs. The team that got caught the fewest times won.

Next up was Gladiator Gauntlet, make it through the gauntlet without being tagged. Lots were tagged in this game.

And finally, Game of Thrones. Capture the seven kingdoms by leaving your teams bib in the zone.


Manchester 1,2,3 & Central London ended up in the first division.
Finsbury Park, Leith Links, The Meadows & Manchester 4 went into the second division.


Division 1:

  1. Manchester 2
  2. Central London
  3. Manchester 3
  4. Manchester 1


Division 2:

  1. Leith Links
  2. Finsbury Park
  3. Manchester 4
  4. Meadows


Round 2:

Next, we launched into games of Frisbee, Siege, and Space Hopper Hand Hockey.

Frisbee was a simple enough game, pass the frisbee between your teammates 3 times, but it was much harder to play with the other team there as I’m sure everyone who played will tell you. There was a lot of communication, deception, and movement involved in it. A very tough, but very fun game.



Next was Siege, another Rabble classic that many were familiar with. Throw your “bombs” into the enemy teams bases to score points. This was a lot of fun to play due to the chaos during the games. Almost like really being under siege.

Finally, we had a surprise for everyone… Space hoppers! We took our hand hockey game and gave it a little twist. We had to try and score goals while hopping. It was absolute mayhem to play but definitely a favourite of our players.


The scores at the end of Round 2 were:

Division 1

  1. Manchester 2- 9 points
  2. Central London- 6 points
  3. Manchester 3- 3 points
  4. Manchester 1- 0 points

Division 2

  1. Finsbury Park- 12 points
  2. Leith Links- 4 points
  3. Meadows- 3 points
  4. Manchester 4- 1 point


Round 3:

In the final, we played The President. Get your team into the white house and be holding it when the clock stops. It was nail-biting counting down the time, watching the defenders try and keep the attackers away. When deciding first place, Central London were attacking Manchester 2 , but only managed to break in 1 second after the clock, a split second later, leaving the win for Manchester 2.




We had a surprise up our sleeve for the secret final round- Space Hopper Mario Kart. Players had to navigate a course all while hopping, there was great teamwork shown here by every team. It was a tough but hilarious end to an amazing day. 



1st Place- Manchester 2

2nd Place- Central London

3rd Place- Manchester 3


The overall winners of the Intercity Games were Manchester 2. Congratulations Manchester!

What did you think?

“It was super fun. I loved the games and people were cool. Dinner post game was awesome too.”

“It was so much fun”

“It was great fun and everyone was really friendly!”

“Fun, competitive and social”

“The day was relaxed but organised, great facilities and fun games. There was just enough ‘rule’ to keep things fun.”