In Rabble news by Charlotte

It wasn’t too long ago that we celebrated Tam’s 2 year anniversary with Rabble. She’s been an instructor with us for a while now, hosting hundreds of sessions,  so we thought we’d show our appreciation and give her what she rightly deserves; The title of Games Master! Congratulations Tam!


Tam has been with us for some time and is a favourite among our players. She hosts the Hyde Park sessions, always with a smile on her face and with a fierce motivation. She’s one of our longest running instructors here at Rabble and we’re proud of her!




For those of you that know Tam, I’ll think you’ll agree that the title of “Games Master” is well deserved. There are actually only two in Rabble at the moment: Henry, and now Tam.

Some words from her players…

We thought we’d ask around and see whether everyone else was as pleased with her as we were, so we asked her attendees, newbies and long time players…


Naomi- “Tam makes everyone feel welcome at her Rabble sessions and remembers everyone’s name. She always makes sure everyone is included, changing up the games to suit the group, and is the reason I’m loyal to Hyde Park!”


Oli- “My first game with Tam was about two years ago, she very welcoming, always had a smile on her face, down to earth & sure as hell made me work hard (as she always does)”


Tom-“My first game with Tam was only a few weeks ago, but she made me feel very welcome. I really enjoyed the games we played that day, and I hope to attend one of her sessions again soon”


What do you think of Tam?

We got some great feedback from long time player and good friend Debora.


When was your first game with Tam and what was it like?

My second session at Rabble was with Tam in Hyde Park. She was full of energy, very happy and smiling the whole time. It hasn’t changed – after 2 year at Rabble, I haven’t seen her stop smiling and motivating the players inside & outside the field.

However, since the beginning, I noticed that language would be a challenge. Tam has her own dialect; was very hard in the early days, I even created a mini dictionary to translate few words.

I still don’t know how I should write “Bulldog” in her dialect; it’s a mix of sounds… buuurrraaashhhh. Another classical one is flip-flops…

But, as she was very nice, I kept going to the session and, now, Tam is my favorite instructor and playing at Hyde Park is always great. It’s a great way to start the week at her sessions on Mondays


Why do you think she’s stayed with Rabble for so long?

Because she likes to torture people. Rabble is a way to do that, avoiding to break the law.

I also believe she likes Rabble because she gets clothes for free. I am not the only one to give her a jumper

She also likes people jogging with her for 2 meters, creepy lady….


What’s been your favourite Rabble moment with Tam?

I don’t have a favorite moment with Tam. Every second with her, I ask myself why I am there. I’m waiting for the Immigration Control finds her and send her home…

But, I have few ones –

  • Tam’s decision to dance with the decoration of the Halloween party -including a skeleton and a baby pumpkin
  • Tam’s explanations of why she goes back to Australia – basically, to buy slutty dresses
  • Tam’s popcorns in the Rabble Olympics (do you need pictures?? I have few…don’t need explanation after you seeing them)
  • Making fun or annoying her are also great moments for me


What makes her a great instructor?

I wouldn’t say “great”, I would say…. what makes her “an instructor”. I believe she got lucky, when she applied and was approved to get the instructor licenses.

Tam is a very special person. She is very chatty and approachable. She always motivates and makes the players feel good and happy during her session. I haven’t seen anyone complaining about her, it’s quite impossible.

She is full of energy and extremely friendly – when you go to her session for the first time, she makes you feel welcomed. She also pushes us hard with her session, while makes some jokes (the jokes are not funny, but we don’t want to destroy her dreams…)


If you had to sum her up in 3 words, what would they be?

–          Plucked Blondie Australian (she doesn’t have the feather anymore…)

–          Thong is Flip-Flop

–          JOG WITH ME

–          “Don’t like layers”

–          Special Australian friend

–          I love Starbucks

Here’s to the next few years, Tam!