6 reasons why team games make you more attractive

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It’s been music to our ears with the rapid approach to Valentine’s day that playing team games makes us more attractive. A Canadian study showed those who played a team sport over an individual pursuit were rated as more attractive. There are numerous mental, physical and social benefits to playing a team sport and strong evidence that it can also help you to find love. We’ve picked six of the most compelling.


1. You’re playful


Looking for love? Be playful! A study from Penn State has shown that having a “playful” attitude or a keen love of “fun” is among the most lusted character traits for a potential mate. In a study of 250 participants, it was discovered that playfulness was the most important thing when looking for a long term partner.


Being fun is sexy! Don’t take yourself too seriously, it’s believed that being “playful” is innately attractive because evolutionarily it shows that you’re youthful and in your prime. It also demonstrates that you’re not too aggressive and thus a perfect mating partner. Having fun is a signal of confidence, that you’re not afraid to let down your hair and enjoy yourself!

2. You’re confident

Confidence is king in dating. If you appear confident in yourself you appear to be more attractive. And that doesn’t mean you have to have all the moves, it doesn’t even mean you need to be any good, those skills will come with practise, just giving it a go and being comfortable with where you’re at is the key.


Team games can also help build your confidence. Sports help to build your self esteem as you meet a variety of different people, communicate with them during the pressure of a game and see the positive physical changes in your body. It helps to teach you to take the wins with the losses and to experience those emotions with others, which makes your relationship stronger.

3. You’re happy

It’s widely reported that happy people are more attractive. Although it’s a myth that you can just decide to be happy, there are things that you can do to improve your personal happiness levels. Playing team sports releases natural endorphins which improve your mood. Team sports also reduce stress and anxiety. It’s also been shown that simply smiling alone makes you feel happier and it also makes you more approachable.

4. You’re genuine

Sports are a great icebreaker for meeting a variety of new people in a relaxed environment allowing you to be yourself. When you’re in the midst of a game your raw unfiltered side comes through, for better or for worse. Being genuine and vulnerable are highly attractive traits. 

5. You smell good

It might seem impossible to make yourself appear appealing with a bright red face, short of breath and dripping with sweat. But if you look around the pitch everybody is in the same boat. Pheromones are our sex scent signal, released to make us more attractive and nobody is more potent than when they are on the sports pitch! But really, exercise boosts testosterone levels, which helps to release more pheromones.

6. You’re part of a team

A strong relationship is about teamwork. Team sports require the same qualities and force us to practise them every time we play with different dynamics. It makes you more aware of how you behave in the team and helps you to recognise and support the others. Consider the “ball hog”: they’d rather try and win as a team of one, shouldering all responsibility while alienating teammates. Other players have the opposite problem—they have trouble seeing when the perfect shot is theirs for the taking, or pass the ball instead of going for it even when they’re in the better position to score. Their insecurities get the better of them, limiting their potential contributions to the team.


A good team needs:

  1. Common goals
  2. Communication
  3. Support
  4. Trust


If you’re team doesn’t have the above qualities, you don’t have a team. If you’re not willing to work on these qualities, it’s unlikely you’re going going to build a strong relationship.

We hope you all have a wicked Valentines Day, whether it’s spent with loved ones, friends or family and there’s plenty of love all year round in the Rabble family for you all 🙂


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