Intercity games 2016 round up and results

In Rabble news by Charlotte

It was an incredible day. We had a huge turn out, Cambridge ran like f*ck, Manchester were on time, most teams were bibbed, some were still in PJ’s & onsies, nobody was sin binned, everybody was worn out, even the weather was top in Finsbury park on Saturday.
img_8607With eight teams playing we drew a small crowd to watch our crazy games in Finsbury Park on Saturday. The first round of three games were absolute madness as all players hit the pitch together. Huge dodgeball gauntlet with a mass 30 player start and balls flying from everywhere. It was so tough that not one person made the 4th funnel and very few completed the 3rd!


Stag Stalker this year was flipped so that you were encouraged to make as many tags as possible, scoring one point for your team for making a tag, and simultaneously losing one for being tagged. With so many people around you had to be on your toes to come out of this round having increased your points. The key to the Hunger Games lay in fast transitions and well timed steals. With only half your team allowed on the pitch at once, you needed to be quick into change otherwise risking losing cones on changeover.

Results after Round 1:15203273_1853432141559365_643148685869245562_n
1. Cambridge
2. Hyde Park
3. Kings Cross
4. Clapham 2
5. Manchester
6. Canada Water
7. Clapham 1
8. Finsbury Park

After these three individual rounds the teams moved into leagues. The top four teams moved into League One and the lower four into League Two.

First up in Round 2 was Running Endzone, a game that all teams are familiar with. There were plenty in the way of interceptions and also many drops in the circle. With three circles to defend it was tricky to defend, especially as there were a couple of teams with constant goal hangers (something to be eliminated in future years!).

img_6261Then Quidpitch, successful teams here had split their teams to manage all of the balls but had focused on scoring points with the snitch. It was worth 3x as many points and was turned over with one tag. Particularly successful teams in this game were turning over the snitch after they had just scored still very close to their goal meaning several rapid points.

Finally it was Capture the Flag, with only 5 flags out this year it was critical to get 3 flags and retain them until the whistle. We saw successful teams here making well timed attacks whilst their opponents were weak in defence. Having support was also important when stealing a flag, so those teams who had back up to remove defenders or to recapture a flag after being tagged were most successful.

Results after Round 2:15181638_1853432171559362_4314869721027714163_n
League 1
Clapham 2   – 9
Kings Cross – 6
Hyde Park   – 3
Cambridge  – 0

League 2
Manchester      – 9
Clapham 1        – 6
Canada Water – 3
Finsbury Park – 0

The old favourite circular dodgeball finalised the standings, with no change from the league system but some very impressive times from Cambridge and Hyde Park each struggling to get the others out.

Final scores:15268036_1853432114892701_7355161286566772048_n
Clapham 2
Kings X
Hyde Park
Clapham 1
Canada Water
Finsbury Park

As a finale, we introduced 7 donkey pinatas and 1 unicorn to the field. Each team was to defend their horse and attack and raid the others for loot. This hilarious final game consisted of frantic ass grab and runs with many sweets consumed mid play.

Clapham then took home the trophy and we all scrubbed up before the evening’s affairs.
Congratulations to all who played, and thanks to all those who made it happen! We had a fantastic day out and we hope to see you again next year!