Ways to improve your wellbeing in the winter

In Rabble news by Alex Gorst

Let’s face it, the winter blues suck! There’s no doubt about it, come January the winter months just seem to draaag on. You know it, we know it, hey, even the cat knows it. Longing for summer seems to result in more hours spent on the sofa, but while it might be nice to stay cosy indoors, moping around will only result in feeling like winter is dragging on even longer, so here’s a little nudge from us, to GET UP AND OUT!

At this point, you’ve probably made a nice cosy little dent in the sofa, but now is the perfect time to refocus yourself ready to smash your goals and 2019 as a whole. Start with your wellbeing, and give yourself a boost when you need it most…


Get up and out

Your mindset plays a huge role in how you feel during the winter, and if you don’t do anything to try and change it, then of course you’re going to be left feeling much the same. Exercise is well known for shifting your mindset. Releasing feel good chemicals, not only will exercise boost your mood and improve your mental health, it’ll also kick start your motivation too. How many of you have worked out and felt like you can conquer the world afterwards? That’s the dopamine being released into your brain, which is actually said to be a similar feeling as falling in love… so why not fall in love with exercise again?

Even if you start walking instead of running, go trampolining instead of the more sensible option of swimming, get those endorphins pumping and clear your mind, by getting up and out to exercise and enjoy yourself.


Try something new with friends and family

Spending time with friends and family is a real mood booster, so why not get your loved ones involved in your mission to beat the winter blues? Get out together and give something new a try. We love the Bullshit London tours, which will have you in fits of laughter as you explore London by foot.

Try a tree top walk and challenge your body at greater heights, sign up for a Tough Mudder and train by finding local assault courses to get muddy at, try SUPP yoga (although maybe when it’s a bit warmer), join a dance class or relive your childhood by going to a roller disco. There are so many ways that you can have fun while also getting fit, so that your brain and body don’t even realise your exercising.


Nail nutrition

OK it’s not all about exercise, nutrition could be as much to blame for your sloth like state. Much like sitting on the sofa can make you feel sluggish and tired, eating the wrong and right things will have the same impact. A diet high in carbs, sugar and processed meats and fats will only add to your low mood in the winter. Providing a temporary pick-me-up, a carb and sugar rich diet will cause you to crash throughout the day, making it tricky to find the motivation and energy to get on with things.

During the winter swap out any processed or white carbs for beans and pulses, swap processed meats for fresh fish or lean turkey and chicken, and ditch sugary treats too. Focus on a diet rich in whole foods from natural sources and ensure you drink at least two litres of water a day to keep energy levels up.


Start moving a little more, having fun and eating right, and you can say ‘see ya’ to winter blues! Beating the winter blues is possible, once you get started, you’ll realise how much better you feel and you won’t look back.


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