Why 92% of new year resolutions fail

In Rabble Principles by Charlotte

Every year most people do not make the changes to their lifestyle that they’d hoped. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. If you didn’t succeed last year, how are you going to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes this year?


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At Rabble we believe the answer you might not be as painful as you’d hoped, if you focus on the way you approach your resolutions, making the change process fun you have a great chance of success. Ultimately if you don’t like something, you will find every possible way of avoiding it. We have some goal setting tips from our founder, a former international triathlete that were key to her success and that are core to our culture at Rabble, to help you stay on track this new year:


Make sure your goals aren’t working against you

A major reason people don’t stick to their goals is because they’ve set poor goals. The way in which you define your goals and design your completion process, can influence whether you achieve the result you want.



  • Set simple goals that are easy to measure.
  • Set process based goals. “I will exercise three times a week.” You have total control over this outcome and thus is very achievable with will power.
  • Make them achievable. Consistency is the key to success. You must be able and willing to do this every week for the rest of your life.
  • Make them enjoyable. Think about the process that you will have to undertake in order to achieve your goal, if you look forwards to completing the process, it’s easy.
  • Make sure your process falls in line with the outcome you are looking for. If you want to lose weight make sure you eat healthily and include high intensity fat burning exercise into your regime.
  • Experiment. If you want to see change you must change something, try some new things and keep them if you like them.
  • Reward yourself for completion. Make sure you know you’re doing well.


Do not

  • Set hundreds of goals, you will lose track of them
  • Expect yourself to change your lifestyle overnight. Make a few small change that barely impact your currently lifestyle habitual before stepping up.
  • Set performance based goals. ‘I’m going to lose 2kgs this month.’ There are many things that will influence your result and not all of them are inside of your control.
  • Fall victim to the all or nothing mentality. Something is always better than nothing. If you missed your 30min run, a 10 min jog is still worth doing.



This is the philosophy behind Rabble, we use play to push people beyond their usual limits. When trying to get across the line to score five points or shake off a defender to make the winning catch, you forget that you are operating at maximum effort. It’s also varied, exhilarating and super social. We work on the principle that if you look forwards to your workouts, you don’t consider skipping them and consistency is the key to lifelong fitness.


So why not start thinking now. Design your own process that’s varied, enjoyable and leads you in the direction of your goals. All you have to do then is get going, which is an exciting thought if your plan is right for you.