Rabble Rouser 2015 – Sarah Page

In Player Stories by Charlotte

12291130_10154321574925830_3392106562697531545_oSarah Page was our Rabble Rouser for 2015. We remember her first session well, from the first post game pub trip her positivity, banter and brave adventurous spirit shone through (despite claims of fear below). She has an absolute heart of gold and is always offering to help others out wherever she can. And help she can, our Rabble black tie event would not have been half the occasion it was without Sarah’s hard work – she is one organised chick!


Sarah uses social media to share her positivity with the world, even taking over the Rabble twitter account (which she may still have control over…!?!) and leaving me frequently in stitches. She works just as hard on field, where we’ve seen her braving all temperatures and all ball games(!!).11011273_1658508447718403_3215083912365044498_n
Seeing a dramatic increase in her speed, strength and fitness in 2015, demonstrated when sailing through a midnight marathon with another Rabble beacon of joy! Thanks so much for living up to your middle name (Joy), and being a central part of the Rabble community. Here’s Sarah’s version of events below:


My first Rabble game was Robin Hood in Finsbury Square. I found Rabble, like so many, after having a bit of a dip in my London life (love, work, the usual!). I decided to do something about it: get out there, meet more people, have some fun, burn off the calories from all the boozing…

I turned up on my own to Finsbury Square and left with an immediate group of friends who have been a massive and constantly growing, part of my life ever since. I avoided all ball games for the first 6 months, knowing I can’t catch, throw or kick to save my life. Eventually I gave in to the fear and realised: firstly what a supportive group Rabble are, secondly how little people actually care about your skill, and thirdly that you’re the only one who thinks you’re crap, everyone else is just happy you turned up!10435904_1645343975701517_6068256858318912362_n

Turns out you can actually improve too, I’ll never catch like Sam Boger or run as fast as Chris Corner but I’ve definitely improved… apart from football, then I just revert to a high school teenager a squeal like a girl. Exercise is addictive, happiness is addictive, talking is addictive… that’s why I’m still Rabbling. I’m happy to admit I’m addicted to Rabble and my Rabble family. I get severe FOMO when I don’t go to games or socials. I’ve made some of my best friends through Rabble and couldn’t face a week without seeing their beautiful faces.



I definitely didn’t expect to win Rabble Rouser 2015, having helped organise the awards evening!! Charlotte kept that one pretty quiet, cheeky monkey! I won’t lie, I nearly cried. Rabble has been a massive part of my 2015, bringing me happiness, fitness, friends, partying, dancing, hangovers, fancy dress, giant slip and slides… all the good things!!