Ways to meet people in a new city

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Where would we be without friends?


So you’ve moved to a new city, and you’re looking to meet people because the city is a scary place. It’s easier than you think to make some friends, all you need is a little bit of confidence and faith. Maybe a few quid too! It’s a scary thought to be completely in a completely new environment without any contacts, but we’re here to help!

Put your faith in us and we’ll get you so many friends that you’ll lose count!



meet people with culture

Do something cultural

Head to a museum, a play or the theatre. Take a tour with a group of strangers while learning something new. Appreciate the finer things, and maybe you’ll find someone that does too, or maybe you both think it’s a load of rubbish and become friends that way. Check out a tour at the Museum of Natural History.



Explore the city by offering your self to it. Meet a wide variety of people and work towards a great cause while doing so! Just think, you’ll be making a difference to both you, and someone else… you’ll probably also pick up some skills along the way. It’ll look great on your CV too! Find somewhere to volunteer.


Get creative

Get out and learn something new and interesting. Spend the day being creative and getting hands-on with something. Even if you don’t make any friends, you can still have a great time and learn something new! Why not check out a cooking class near you?


Learn the Guitar

Have you ever been listening to a song and given it a cheeky air guitar? Bring your ethereal guitar into existence with some group lessons and play those songs yourself! A group lesson would be a great way to meet people. Just think of how easy it would be to engage with other people… “How did you do that?” “Can you help me with this?” etc… you get the idea!
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meet people at Rabble

Join a sports club

Clubs & Socials are absolutely fantastic ways to meet people and make some new friends. Think of all the friends you’ve already missed out on by not going already! A sports club like Rabble perhaps…

We’re all about fun, fitness and socialising which is why our games are team-based, why we introduce you to everyone and why we all go for a drink afterwards. It’s so that we can get fit, have fun  and make friends!

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