The Winter Intercity Games 2017

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Intercity Games 2017 Leaked…

Remember, remember the 25th of November, where Rabble hubs across the country join us for the Intercity Games, where play meets competition meets utterly ridiculous on the biggest scale. This time you get to play with your community against all the other Rabble groups from far and wide, with games bigger and crazier than you’ve seen before.

 The games consist of several rounds in a tournament style, yes they are competitive but in true Rabble spirit they are ultra inclusive and designed by their very nature stop you from taking yourself too seriously. Fun is always first, and if you’d like to get involved chat to your local instructor or simply sign up and we will assign you to your local team 🙂 This year there will be an overall winners trophy but also a prize for the best-dressed team, which in seasons past has been dominated by Team Cambridge!

In the summer, the Games were hosted by Manchester, with the overall winners being Manchester 2! A super strong team not fazed by space hopper hand hockey, gladiator gauntlet, the siege and a ton more games. We’re excited to see how they get on in London this month!

It’s only two weeks until we welcome everyone to Finsbury park at 1pm on the 25th November. Ensure to arrive by latest 12.30 to register, get your number and to warm up as we will launch straight into the games. With over 50 registrations already tickets are selling out rapidly as we enter the final week of early bird tickets.

We’re pre-released a few of the games due to be played so you can begin strategising, but as always expect last minute twists!

All-in Games

  • Stag Stalker in a massive all player game
  • Old School Relays
  • ????

Group Stage

  • Powerball
  • Storm the Castle
  • ????

Deciding round

  • ????

The day will be followed by the opportunity to revel in glory and defeat, swap tales of heroics and calamity and toast to points scored and tags missed at the annual awards evening!

We hope to see you there…