Rabble of the month – June

In Player Stories by Charlotte

Rabble Role Model: Phoebe

Rabble Role Model: Phoebe M

We’ve seen huge fitness improvement in the months that Phoebe’s been attending Rabble. A Londoner Phoebe bravely came down alone in the cold dark nights last winter. No matter how challenging Phoebe found the games, she quietly committed herself to task, never complaining and kept working. You can now see her successfully stealing point from all over the show. Well done Phoebe amazing progress.




Rabble Rouser: Sarah PFullSizeRender (2)

Never seen without a smile on her face. Sarah is the life and soul of the socials, with loads of brilliant ideas she’s been fantastic in helping us organise fun. We love organising fun! Sarah has dramatically increased her attendance at Rabble this summer and the results are evident you can often see her smashing up Rabble X in Clapham. Sarah is on the button with social media, we love her Rabble updates. Sarah we’ve been super impressed!



FullSizeRender (3)Rabble Rouge: Jade J

Jade is our designer diva and one of our biggest recipients of Rabble fines. Bringing passion and scandal on and off the field, she is a total wild card. We have no idea what she is going to say or do next. Following the introduction of the ‘JJ Yellow Cone’ she has argued there has been an improvement in time keeping and back chat. The jury is out but it’s doubtless that she makes us laugh. We love her.



Rabble Rookie: Lianne MFullSizeRender (4)

Lianne brought energy in spades from her first Rabble session, coming through class pass and committing immediately to Rabble. Lianne brings fun, banter, guts and friends to games. We approve of them all. She’s also kindly offered to help the Rabble team with some PR. We love help too. Lianne you deserve this!