Rabble expands up North!

In Rabble news by Charlotte

Rabble was founded in London in January 2014 as simply an idea by Charlotte Roach and Rosemary Pringle, unsure whether anyone would be crazy enough to join them in playing themselves fit. The idea has grown quickly across London and last month they opened their first class outside the capital. This class was launched by Kieran who tells the story of his whirlwind latter few months. Come and join him in Didsbury park (South Manchester) on Tuesday evenings at 7pm and Saturday mornings at 11am.


Name: Kieran AshtonIMG_0781

Where from: St Helens

Background: Sports, PE Teaching/ Coaching

When did you get involved in rabble and why: After completing my PGCE in June, Rabble seemed a fun thing to be leading throughout summer and thereafter. So I got in touch.


What did that involve and was it as you expected: I signed up and went to a recruitment day in Manchester. It was fun and I was sold! I only really got a true taste of Rabble when going down to London and seeing the amazing networks which Rabble has created. Rabble has really established a sense of community, along with providing fun games for people to take part in and people really do get fit from taking part! It was much better than I originally anticipated!


How did you feel when you found out you would opening in Manchester and did it go as you expected: I found it to be fairly daunting – to be the only coach outside London and be completely on my own running sessions! In truth I have been completely supported the whole way by Charlotte and Rosemary and my 3 weekends of training in London definitely prepared me to do so and I know exactly the kind of community ethos which I should be creating. They check in with me before and after sessions to see how it is going and are always there to help if I do not fully understand a game or want some more ideas. I have thoroughly enjoyed planning and running my sessions and believe that we are starting to get that sense of community (among other things) which they have established in London.



What have you learnt so far: I have learned that the aims of Rabble are to deliver fitness, social and enjoyment/ stress relief and I understand exactly how that is carried out within the sessions. I have learned many amazing Rabble games, the structure of the sessions and exactly how I can adapt the games dependent of numbers/ performance levels and so on.


What do you hope for the area: As stated previously, I want the same close knit community feel that has been established at each park in London. It would be good to collaborate with other coaches who will be working alongside me in Manchester and possibly organising larger events occasionally – such as inter area competition.


Fave game: Net Football! Although my most fun session so far has been a Dodgeball Jail game with numbers. All of the games are fun though!


What I love about rabble: That it is fun for anyone who wants to take part. It allows people get fit whilst having fun (unlike a bootcamp!) and build relationships with new people – through team games.


What else you do for fun: Play 5 a-side football, run, go to the gym and follow a whole range of sports. Particularly like pub football days.


Favourite place in Manchester: Apart from Didsbury Park (obviously)… Northern Quarter – there are some cools bars to go out in.


Biggest personal achievement: Several within school work, but also completing my degree and teacher training.


Something not many people know about you: Had a rabbit called Thumper. RIP.