‘I’ve loved getting faster’

In Player Stories by Charlotte

15203317_10101329039282034_1534359506236190590_nThis week we caught up with Ciaran who has been to the MOST Rabble sessions EVER* (since we started counting (last year))!?! A whopping 251 sessions! But Oli is snapping closely at his heels (249) to take that title away from him!


Ciaran has always been an incredible member of the group, being super inclusive and positive. Never taking himself or the games too seriously and always ready to reach out to new players. But Ciaran has made some dramatic improvements since joining Rabble! Which maybe unfortunate to other players, Dean notes ‘I used to see Ciaran coming and know that I’d pass him no problem, now I’m not sure!’ Ciaran is undoubtedly quicker, fitter, stronger and dare we say leaner than before! Sleek, suave and sassy – we can find him, a lot of him on social media :P! A great picture I think we can agree!

15134793_10101328945609754_5143262326196793689_nCIARAN OSBOURNE

AGE: 33

FROM: The West Country



Tell us more about yourself. What you do, what you like, anything you fancy…

I’m a social researcher and have worked at a bunch of different charities. That takes up about half my time, and I fill the rest with drinking too much, dancing, sweating, singing badly and taking almost nude selfies. Also, I Rabble a lot and play dodgeball. My team is called Twinkle, Twinkle Buttplug.

img_4656Describe your very first Rabble session

I’d read about Rabble in Time Out, but didn’t really know what to expect, so I turned up full of anticipation and nerves. We played Man Hunt, and Henry was the instructor. I remember getting told off for running through the bush to score a point instead of around it – which I thought was pretty ingenious.

Also, two of the women we were playing with crashed into each other mid-run and there was blood and drama everywhere. Henry said that people hardly ever got injured at Rabble which – twelves injuries later – I now know to be a lie.

15056253_1846216718947574_1873736383642428523_nFavourite on-pitch memory

It’s not really a specific memory, but I’ve loved getting faster. The first time I ran around someone who was chasing me and still scored was great. Also, the 3 seconds that I managed to stay in front of Ramu one Sunday morning has stuck with me too.

Favourite off-pitch memory

Loved Rabble on Tour to Majorca. Sun, sand, rabble, booze and dancing were great. Plus, all the exercise made up for all the booze, morally if not physically.

14355681_1817097255192854_654547463350397313_nWhat have you learnt since joining Rabble?

That I look great without a shirt on

Who have you got to know and love playing with most at Rabble?

I’ve met so many people I wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s been awesome. There are too many to list here, but a special mention goes to Jared – totally the hottest Rabble instructor.

What do you like best about Rabble?

It’s fun! I feel good after running around, instead of feeling miserable after I went to the gym. And it makes me want to get up on a Sunday morning, instead of lying in bed nursing my hangover. Can’t ask for better than that.13241273_1762603467308900_7163009190826079507_n