From Rabble to Games Maker

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Last month saw Josh Kingcott become a fully fledged Rabble instructor based up in Finsbury park. This comes one year after he moved to London from Canada and one year of him participating in Rabble games. Josh is a classic example of someone who put a lot in and got a lot out of Rabble. Impressive effort in games (already very strong as a weightlifter) he saw a dramatic increase in his cardio fitness, to his own surprise easily smashing through 5k’s and 10km obstacle races. Off field Josh was a key member of our social scene, organising and taking socials in Rabble to a new level. Now he has taken it one step further to become a Games maker in Finsbury Park. We’re excited to see more from Josh over the next year and grabbed five minutes to hear his story.


Name: Josh Kingcott
Where from: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Background: I grew up in Red Deer, am a gearhead, licensed Red Seal Journeyman Automotive Service Technician (essentially mechanic)  also worked in vehicle sales for 2 years. I decided to move to London looking for something more.
When did you get involved in rabble and why?  I moved to London October 2014 and joined Rabble almost immediately, a fellow Canadian invited me to it.  I didn’t even know what I was going to.
What did you like about Rabble games?  It’s playing games I used to play at summer camp as a child! It quickly became the centre of my social scene, I was attending almost every session and we had some huge nights out!

What made you want to become an instructor?  I love playing the games, like motivating people and am massively into fitness so it seemed like an obvious decision to take Rabble to the next level for me.

What was the training process like, was it easier/harder than you expected? It was a piece of cake, probably because I have been coming to Rabble for so long I knew what to expect. I knew most of the games and new what I liked so just try to deliver that experience back.
How do you find being part of Rabble now as an instructor rather than a participant?  It’s great!  There’s abit more prep and it’s slightly harder after a night out but it’s rewarding. I just need to find more time to participate when I’m not instructing.
How did you feel when you found out you would opening in Finsbury Park and did it go as you expected?  Really excited!  It was the first location I came to and already have lots of good memories there.  It’s been great so far. It’s going to be the biggest park to play in London.
How would you describe your style of Rabble games?  Fast, Fun, Fantastic, sometimes Ridiculous and Challenging (come to Rabble X and see!)
What have you learnt so far?  Everyone has fun at Rabble no matter what your fitness level. Even the instructors have fun.
Fave game?  Tough choice…Capture the Flag or Dodgeball
What else you do for fun?  Love to travel!  If I could I’d go somewhere new every week I would.
Favourite place in London?  Primrose Hill at dawn ain’t bad.
Biggest personal achievement?  A Kickboxing fight in front of my hometown at the Superfights is up there.
Something not many people know about you?  I’ve been to 22 countries so far and plan and setting foot on every continent by my 35th birthday.