About Rabble

The Rabble got bored of boring exercise, so we transformed exercise into games!

We didn’t understand why people were doing workouts they dreaded? Why the fitness industry sold pain, hell and repetitive and isolating exercise? (See our article 7 things we hate about the exercise industry). We got sick of hating our fitness routines and feeling guilty for finding fun.

We wanted to get fitter, faster and stronger and to love every second.

The Rabble stepped off the treadmill and rewrote the rules. By designing a series of immersive, adrenaline fuelled games. We made our workouts the highlight of our day! We played because we loved it and got fit without realising it. Time to stop exercising and start playing!

We’re not a preachy fitness provider. In our games the most important thing is to be having a great time.

We don’t advocate restrictive diets, kale juice, faddy fitness classes, rigorous repetitive regimes. Nor hating every second for the perfect look. We’re about embracing all the things we love and enjoying them for what they are and who they are. We work hard and we play hard, on and off the field. Life is too short for sacrifice. Enjoy the now. #playhard


A Rabble game is an hour of immersive team games. Each game disguises high intensity intervals within the rules.

Everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level or background.

Our games are fun, but they are also a workout so don’t be afraid to drop in and out as you need. Our most athletic players are athletic because they came, loved it and played a lot. Not because they were born the perfect athletic specimen. Check out this article by one of our regular players talking about how he got fit through practise.

We give you the rules and you create the story. Every time it’s different.

The brain dead fitness class days are over. In our games you need energy and strategy to win, you are not mindlessly told what to do.

You don’t need to know any of the rules before showing up. 

We change the rules every few minutes, to keep you on your toes. As every session is different we explain the rules before each round.

You will never be shouted at.

Our instructors are there to welcome, excite and support you. They know a lot about fitness and games but they want to have fun too. When you arrive they will randomly put you on one of two teams and introduce you to a regular. Who will guide you through the games. You will play with your team for the session and we often end the game in the pub – we are a super social crowd.

What games do you play?

We have games of two levels of difficulty. 

Rabble games are designed to be inclusive and welcoming of all players. No matter what your level of fitness or experience of games.

Rabble X games are designed to push you further with reduced recoveries. This will push your strength and speed endurance to new levels.

Our games are team games because:

  • It’s more enjoyable
  • A successful team requires a variety of player skills
  • You work harder
  • More room for creativity and strategy
  • Lasting friendships are built on the field

Show up to anything you think sounds fun.

We don’t expect you to have played before. We have designed over 500 games. This variety builds an all round level of fitness, different skills and prevents boredom!  Some of our games include:

Old skool playground games

– British Bulldogs
– Capture the Flag
– Stuck in the mud

Mash up sports

– Dodgeball
– Netsketball
– Frizbee

Feature games

– Hunger games
– Zombie Hunt
– Rave session


Rabble was founded by ex-international triathlete Charlotte Roach. Surprised by how unnecessarily boring exercise was. Charlotte designed a series of team games, based on high intensity training (HIIT training). To once again make fitness enjoyable.

HIIT training is the most efficient method for improving fitness, health and weight loss.

It’s based around short intense bursts of activity with controlled rests. The length of activity is short you are able overload your vascular and muscular systems. Pushing your body to new levels and burning more calories. When working at this intensity you continue to burn calories for up to 24hrs after the workout. During the recovery phase, you repair and replenish your oxygen debt. HIIT exercise raises your metabolism, increases VO2 max, calorie burn and fat loss. You will see improvements in your speed, endurance, agility and co-ordination. And if you make it to some Rabble X sessions we will also work on strength.

Fun comes first because we hate the idea of dreading life and if it’s not enjoyable you will give up.

Consistency is more important than intensity for long term health. So we fundamentally disagree with the negative messages propagated by the fitness industry. Rabble games make you into an all round athlete in just a few weeks. Sprinting for bases, hurling dodgeballs and catching vortexes. Leads to increased speed, agility, coordination, strength and endurance. If you can be bothered to count, you’ll burn up to 1000 calories and cover up to 8k in one game. But honestly we’re too busy playing.

Play with the Rabble to earn your stripes. Earn points for playing hard, being social, giving your all, impressing our instructors, bringing friends, playing against other teams and exploring new areas.


The Rabble is a rowdy, disorganised and diverse mob, who got bored of boring and wanted change. We play team games, on and off the field, we have socials every week. Games bring out everyone’s raw playful side, there’s no need for awkward icebreakers. We represent everyone from charities to corporate and beyond. Some are super sporty and others hated old skool exercise. We are a friendly and inclusive crowd, it’s about the playing and not about the winning. Nobody arrives at Rabble with all the skills. Everyone learns as they play, we’ve designed it that way. There’s no hierarchy and there’s no negativity. We’re a rabble.

Rabble social club

The Rabble social club is for fun-loving adventurous souls.
We take the Rabble spirit everywhere we go, from muddy paint-balling to glamorous black tie. We’ve climbed, trampolined, skated and toured ourselves to mischief. We’re a close knit, super inclusive family and we are always up to something. Anyone with a monthly membership or 10 class pack is welcome to play off field with us.

Don’t just take our word for it

A Word From The Rabble

Meet the team


• Can I come alone?

You can come alone or with friends. We designed our games so there’s no need to organise last minute players or rely on friends to play. We can make a game from the group who attends and we’re a super social and inclusive crowd, so don’t worry about not knowing anyone, we’d love to welcome you to the Rabble.

• Will I be fit enough?

Anyone can play Rabble games and get stuck in. We have designed the games so that those new to exercise and games can play alongside those who like to push themselves and everyone can have fun and get a workout. We never shout at you, we give you the rules and you create your story. You can push yourself as much as you want to, but you will probably find that the game will quickly take over. The games are high intensity intervals, they are super fun but also very tiring, don’t be afraid to take a break if you need one.

• I don't know which game to go to?

You can go to any game you fancy. Noone will expect you to know how to play and every session includes at least 10 different games and will be a mixture of skills and equipment. Every game is different, so we keep everyone on their toes. We typically take a simple game, then over time it gets more complex so you have to think hard to stay in front of the rules.

• I’ve never played that game before!

Every single game is different and we play the everything from British Bulldogs to Capture the Flag and many more mental games. So we don’t expect anyone to have played before and explain the rules at the beginning of every game we play in the session.

So if you’re new to exercise, sport or Rabble there’s no need to worry, the Rabble and our instructors will guide you through the session.

• I'm having trouble booking into a game!

• Where do you play and how much is it?

You can find our list of locations and prices here: joinrabble.com/locations

• Hell Yeah. What do I need to wear/bring/go/do?

Come ready for physical activity – sports clothes, trainers/boots for grass, game face.
Remember the doctor’s orders and any medication you need (inhalers, hayfever tablets etc.).
and we play in all weathers, it’s still just as much fun.
Bring any necessary performance enhancers (drink).
Check meeting point here– be sure of precise location (parks don’t have postcodes) and allow travel time. Your instructor will be easy to see at the meeting point wearing a fluoro Rabble bib.
You can cancel/change your booking up to 12 hours before the class.
If you play hard, be positive and work with the team you will get plenty from the rabble.

• Not close to you?


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