Stop Exercising. Start Playing!
We rewrote the rules. now we get fit through games

50% off first game

"The backlash against boring exercise"

Love every second

Our classes are remixed old skool team games so every class is different and you forget you're exercising. Games like Dodgeball, Capture the Flag and British Bulldogs.

"I don't like exercise, but this was an absolute blast" - Evening Standard

Play Hard

This is a HIIT workout that will test your limits. Think you're too tough? Check out our hardcore Rabble X classes

"Number 1 way to get fit in 2015" - Sunday Times

Super social crowd

We play in teams, both on the field and after in the pub. We're inclusive, supportive and positive, and the Rabble Social Club organises regular events.

"One of best ways to meet people in London" - The Metro

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