Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions of participating in a Join The Rabble Ltd session

  1. I understand that Join the Rabble Ltd sessions involve physical exercise in the form of individual and team games and challenges. Such physical exercise may be on slippery ground with obstacles and has inherent risks of injury or even death. I am voluntarily participating in these activities.
  2. I know of no reason why I should not participate in the sessions. I do not have any current injuries which may be aggravated through physical activity and team sport.
    I am not aware of having any condition, disease, illness and infirmity that would make it inadvisable or risky for me to participate.
  3. I confirm that:
    • My doctor has never said I have a heart condition or that I should only do physical activity recommended by a doctor
    • I do not feel pain in my chest when I do physical activity
    • I have not had a chest pain when I was not doing physical activity
    • I do not lose balance because of dizziness, or ever lose consciousness
    • I do not have a bone or joint problem (for example, back, knee, or hip) that could be made worse by doing physical activity
    • My doctor is not currently prescribing me medication for blood pressure or heart condition
    • I am not pregnant
    • I do not know of any reason why I should not do physical activity

    OR if I cannot confirm all the above, or my condition changes so that they are no longer all true, I will not participate in Join the Rabble Ltd sessions until I have consulted with a doctor to clarify that it is safe for me to become physically active at this current time and in my current state of health.

  4. I will advise your instructor of any medical conditions (asthma, for example) which could be triggered or require treatment as a consequence of engaging in outdoor physical activity, and I acknowledge that I am responsible for bringing associated regular medication with me.
  5. I will advise your instructor should any medical condition, injury or illness arise during my participation, and abide by the instructor’s decision as to whether and how I should continue.
  6. I understand that Join the Rabble Ltd takes reasonable steps to help ensure sessions are conducted safely, but cannot guarantee that an accident or injury will not occur. In return for Join the Rabble Ltd allowing me to participate in any session, I agree to waive, release and discharge Join the Rabble Ltd from any claims, demands or actions that arise unless they are for death or injury resulting from Join the Rabble Ltd’s negligence or other circumstances as English law mandates.
  7. I agree to obey all oral notices or instructions regarding safety and given by your instructor at a Join the Rabble Ltd session (including any direction to stop playing) and not to behave recklessly or disrespectfully. If I ignore or fail to take any advice or instruction then I accept responsibility for my action and for their consequences to me and others, for example injury or damage.
  8. I am aware that when participating in Join the Rabble Ltd team activities my actions may affect the safety and health of others, whether team members or otherwise. I understand that Join the Rabble Ltd’s culture and aim is for games to be engaging, safe, social and fun, and that they may involve people with differing levels of strength and physical fitness from me. I acknowledge that I have a duty to act with care and respect towards others when I am involved in Join the Rabble Ltd activities. I am aware that there are circumstances where I could be held liable for injury or death to others, for example if I were to act recklessly and cause injury.
  9. I assume all risk for loss or damage to my personal belongings.
  10. I understand that if I cancel a session less than 12 hours in advance that I will be charged for that session, and that I may lose my place if I am not physically present 5 minutes before the start of a session.
  11. Join the Rabble Ltd may use my personal data for providing its services but will not make my personal data available to third parties without my permission.
  12. I am aged 18 or over.
  13. I grant permission to Join the Rabble Ltd to use my photographs, videos and/or any other record of my participation for legitimate purpose.
  14. Join the Rabble Ltd reserves the right to make reasonable modifications to these terms by posting updated terms on joinrabble.com and where practical advising me by email. I will stop participating in Join the Rabble Ltd sessions immediately if I do not agree to the modifications.