Why don’t 80% of adults meet the minimum exercise guidelines?

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It’s shocking that 4/5 of adults in the UK and the US do not meet the National Minimum guidelines for exercise of 150 mins of aerobic exercise per week. Exercise for many people is a chore. It’s on the new year’s resolution list, a form of punishment for over-indulging and thus, for the most, a very low priority except for at the times when you’re feeling worst about yourself.

Exercise is simply a negative word for movement. Often exercise is a form of movement that is repetitive, designed to be painful, judgemental, lonely and boring. But why? Movement is not negative, it’s purposeful, graceful, essential to life and enjoyable. When did exercise become such a chore?



I was inspired by kids – they build exercise naturally into their daily routine. They are simply playing with friends, enjoying themselves and by accident building muscular and cardiovascular strength whilst burning some calories. They have a healthy and normal relationship with exercise, which many of the industry’s top professionals could never attest to.

I found the exercise industry bizarre, merely an expensive guilt trip into feeling bad about your appearance. It’s weird that through their lens it’s normal to perform a very limited, very repetitive set of movements designed simply to burn excess energy, whilst having no real life practical purpose. A whole industry built on pointless movements, promising beach bodies.

It’s a crime to believe that the only purpose of exercise is to achieve the perfect body. I had to do something about it. I wanted a natural and positive relationship with exercise, with movement and not to dread going to the gym ever again.

So I founded Rabble. Rabble is designed to be a positive exercise experience, designed to improve health, not just physical but mental and social too. And just like when we were kids, Rabble is simply playing with friends.


There are 3 strong principles running through the Rabble ethos, on which we base everything else:

Fun – All of Rabble’s workouts are games, which makes them inherently enjoyable. We make the sessions so much fun that people look forwards to coming and thus stick with us for much longer than other forms of exercise, because it’s no longer a chore!

Fit – People push harder in Rabble than in other workouts because they are simply playing a game, they are not counting the seconds to the end of the workout. They are incentivised to win and it doesn’t feel like exercise, although players can burn up to 800 calories per session and quickly notice an improvement in their fitness levels. Exercise is obviously great for physical health, but it’s also great for mental health. Because the classes are super social, unlike many other classes Rabble is a great boost for social health.

Social – We’ve designed Rabble to be highly inclusive, friendly and very social.Everyone is welcome in Rabble. We’ve run sessions across a wide section of the community from experienced athletes to beginners, old, young and special needs groups have all universally enjoyed the benefits of play. All of the games are team based, so they are natural team builders and people are far more likely to achieve their fitness goals when they are part of a team. People have found their new city feels like a home after Rabble sessions because it becomes the centre of their community.

Rabble is a stand against everything that’s wrong with the fitness industry. We’re on a mission to build playful communities across the UK, getting the nation having fun (oh, and getting active whilst we’re about it!).

It’s time to stop exercising and start playing! Are you in?

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