This week sees the Rabble London League kicking off in earnest. Five locations will battle it out this summer to compete for the Rabble London team champion. Each team will play each other at home and away. First up this Thursday will be Finsbury Square vs Kings Cross at home.


Teams are able to borrow players from another team if they find themselves short, but for every 2 players they borrow they forfeit one round of the game to the other side. Teams will win 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. Games will be selected by the home referee.


This has given each location the dilemma of picking it’s own strip. It looks like:

Hyde park – Yellow

Finsbury Park – Blue

Kings Cross – Red

Clapham – Green

Finsbury Square –Dulux High Dive but on the off chance that that specific shade of Turquoise is not available they will be in Purple.


Players who play more than 6 of the 8 matches for their team will grab themselves a location player’s t-shirt. This has left many players working out which side or sides to pledge their allegiance to. If you have no particular allegiance but would like to play, just show up to one of the games and I’m sure you’ll be rapidly snapped up. Matthew walked us through his tough (but brilliant) thought process:


SStephen has prompted me to consider my locational allegiance. I guess this should take the form of a ranked list: siding for whichever of the two teams playing I rank highest. Hyde Park is my least frequented, and after Monday I think the park doesn’t like me; so it gets 5th place. 
Having the most people, and so the least need of me is Clapham in 4th place.
Now I’m sure I’ve been to more Finsbury Square sessions than Kings Cross and I’ve many happy memories there, particularly at Finch’s afterwards (like a particularly memorable game of Jenga, or when Chrames used to still come to the pub). But that was quite some time ago. I’ve only been to a few of the current sessions, and most of them have been the lunchtime ones; so Finsbury Square is 3rd.
Which brings me to Kings Cross or Finsbury Park. Both regularly frequented, both ex- Josh
 sessions. Sorry Veva, Kings Cross takes 2nd place.
1st place Finsbury Park: although I’m only loosely North it was still my first home-park; Home of triples, and post-Rumpus-still-in-fancy-dress-sessions; O’Bannion barbecues, and the “you can’t climb trees rule”; a landscape of trees and bushes with their paths through known to but a few rabblers; Rabble-X on the steep part of the hill.
I was once asked “If you had a memorial bench where would it be?”. I answered (Ok my first answer was: somewhere easy to see but surprisingly difficult to get to. But secondly): I think I’d go for Finsbury Park, maybe next to that stump -itself sitting in memorial to the tree where we used to take cover from the summer sun- it would be good for changing to/from studs.
5th -Hyde Park
4th -Clapham Common
3rd -Finsbury Square
2nd -Kings Cross
1st -Finsbury Park
Finsbury Park, with the Bakery where the Bagels’re always Happnin’.
Finsbury Park where the end of Rabble can mean the End of the World.


We hope you all get a chance to join in and play for your side. It’s bound to be an exciting series of matches and an opportunity to play with they players you usually play against and a massive pub session after the games! Good luck to all the teams and remember – it is ‘just’ a game.

Don’t miss out – make sure you play for your side.


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