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As you will know by now, Rabble has been on the hunt for exceptional candidates to join us as some of the first Instructor Licensees across the UK. Leading your own Rabble sessions is a unique opportunity, and with the power to manage your own schedule and set your own pricing, you’re in control.

After reviewing your application and based on our conversations, we’d like to invite you to apply as a Rabble Founding Instructor, our programme for those we’ve identified as having the greatest potential for success.

What are Founding Instructors?

Our Founding Instructor pathway is a programme for people we’ve identified as having the greatest potential for success, people who have the most to benefit from, and the best experiences to share with the Rabble community.

Founding Instructors will be in at the beginning. Rabble’s growing, and Founding Instructors have the opportunity to influence the direction we take into the future, alongside receiving a whole stack of benefits.

Why become a Founding Instructor?

As a Rabble Founding Instructor, you’ll get access to a greater level of 1:1 support in setting up your sessions, along with even more advice and assistance from our Instructor Team. We’ll help you succeed, and in turn, we’ll learn from the communities Founding Instructors are building on the ground to improve the experience for every single Rabble player.

Not only do you get all of this extra support and the opportunity to ride the wave of growth with Rabble, but as a Founding Instructor, you’ll also be eligible for substantial savings on our training courses!

  • Higher level of 1:1 support
  • Ongoing advice and assistance
  • Pivotal role in Rabble’s growth
  • Substantial savings on training courses

All you need to do to apply as a Rabble Founding Instructor is answer the questions below, we’ll review your submission, and let you know within 5 workings days if you’re in. Then simply book onto a training course before 31 August 2017, and you’ll be a member of our founding cohort.


Rabble Founding Instructor Application

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