Rabble with Chris

  • Berwick

    Hugh Hodson Reserve

    Car park opposite the crèche and community hall.


  • Berwick

    Pioneers Park

    Pioneer Park cafe right next door, so bring some spare change for a coffee and catch up after the game (Weekends)

    Parking is on either Brisbane st or Peel St.


  • Berwick

    Melville Park

    Parking is tight, so consider walking or riding the bikes.



Meet the instructor

  • chris-may

Chris May


Single Pass


Per Month
  • 1 x Single Session
  • Non transferable
  • 30 days expiry

Multi Pass


Per Game
  • 3 x Session pass,.
  • Choose your own sessions that suit you.
  • Non Transferable
  • 30 Days expiry

100 Day Hero


  • Unlimited games for 100 days
  • Not transferable (1 person per Pass)
  • 100 day expiry from day of purchase