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Jason Grant

Brought up in Blairgowrie and educated in Dundee, Jason is a graduate of the University of Abertay, where he studied Marketing and Business before embarking on a decade long career with a FTSE top 100 company. During this time he learned the business from the bottom up holding various roles from sales representative to most recently regional sales manager leading large teams of remote staff across Scotland and England.
At the start of 2018 Jason decided to leave the corporate world but bring with him a decade’s worth of experience to pursue his passion for people and fitness to live the life he truly desires and inspire the lives of those around him.

My Personal mission
“To build communities of people who are happy and healthy both physically and mentally in and out of the workplace”

Coaching and fitness Career
Jason is an ILM level 5 certified coach as well as a qualified fitness instructor. He founded Rabble Dundee in May 2018 and is currently building up communities of people in Dundee and Fife who play themselves fit. He stays true to his mission by focusing on the key elements of having fun and being social with fitness coming as a by-product of this process.
Jason is taking the Rabble concept into workplaces and sports teams and focusing on using these immersive games as ways to encourage greater engagement and collaboration amongst employees. As a skilled coach and communicator, he is able to help break down barriers, build trust and encourage team work and greater collaboration. So even after just one hour of Rabble you will begin to form your own little super community within your workplace.

Level 2 fitness instructor
ILM Level 5 coaching and mentoring (with ilm certified logo)
NLP Practitioner
QA Level 3 Emergency First Aid and Canine First Aid