Instructor Spotlight- Ian Northcott, Bromsgrove

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Introducing Ian Northcott, our new Bromsgrove instructor. He’s been doing fantastic so far, so we had a quick catchup to find out a little more about him.



Why did you get into the Fitness Industry and what were you doing beforehand?

I was in the army from 16 up to 27 and then joined the police. I have always kept fit, and after retirement from the police, I knew I wanted to make a difference to people’s lives and I knew I could make fitness fun.


Why did you choose to become a Rabble instructor amongst all the other fitness concepts?

I was looking for CPD and came across Rabble. Without a doubt,  my ethos of playing games and having fun is at the heart of Rabble. My ethos fits perfectly with the Rabble ethos.


How have you found instructing so far?

I instruct people every day and so I find it relatively easy to do and it surprises to date.


What’s your favourite Rabble moment so far?

Listening to the laughter.


What’s your favourite Rabble game?

I think jailbreak as I love the simplicity.


What do you like to do outside of Rabble?

Playing my guitar
Skiing is my passion
Nordic Walking
I run my own homeless charity-


Do you have any favourite post-Rabble social spots?

Various pubs and coffee shops.


Do you have any advice for a new Rabble instructor?

Enjoy yourself and others will enjoy themselves too.


What would you say to a new player who’s thinking about coming along to join you?

Come along with your playful head on ready for some fun.




Be sure to check out Ian’s sessions!

If you’ve been thinking about becoming an instructor check out our page


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