Why the fitness industry sucks at building community


The fitness industry is terrible for making friends


It’s weird that people opt to do group classes but never speak to anyone in the class. Despite seeing the same regular faces every week, you don’t even know anything about them.

Instructors in regular gym classes rarely know people’s names (and in the worst cases, don’t acknowledge their existence), which obviously makes people feel undervalued and unimportant. Exercise classes and sports that have built a social community around them have much higher retention rates than those that are isolating- because having actual friends in your exercise class gives you another, real, reason to show up.


Imagine taking time out of your life to go to a spot, picking things up & putting them back down again, running nowhere, talking to no-one, and then going home alone. Now think about doing that say 3-4 times a week… What it that? A chore! It’s dull.



“Why is it dull?” (Thanks for asking)

Because there’s no passion!


“How do we get passion then?” (Another great question!)

Being motivated by your friends!



“How do I make friends?” (You’re on fire!)

Well, the fitness industry sucks at building a community, but luckily there’s a solution and that solution is Rabble (WOOO!)



But seriously…

We’re all about making a community at Rabble. You’re 80% more likely to continue coming to our sessions as opposed to other fitness classes, and that’s because we care… Because we have socials, because we talk outside of classes, because we go for drinks together, because we have huge games with all the rabble players, because we go on holiday together!

We’re not just building a community, we’re building a family.


What did our community say about us?


With us, you’re not just gonna get fit, you’re gonna have fun, you’re gonna make friends and you’re gonna keep coming back because you love it.


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