Instructor Training Courses

Learn all the theoretical & practical elements of running Rabble sessions:

Rule delivery and understanding
Communication and pyschology
Game mechanics and adaptations

Disguising fitness in games
Session planning and preparation
Health & safety procedures

Online Training


  • Access to the online course
  • Submit three videos to complete the training
  • Phone support

On-site Training


  • One-day on-site training with a Rabble Master Instructor
  • Experience a live Rabble session during the day
  • Get personalised feedback

Upcoming On-Site Training Classes

Our on-site training course is a full-day session led by one of our Master Instructors. You will first be taken through all the training modules and experience a live Rabble session with our regular players.
In the afternoon, you will practice setting up pitches and running the Rabble starter games. You will get personalised feedback throughout the day and the ability to ask any questions to our Master Instructor.

Virtual Instructor Training Course

Rabble online training course – £149

The online training involves a comprehensive video-based course covering all the theoretical and practical elements to Rabble.
A video submission is required to complete the training.

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If you have any questions, please get in touch at or on 020 3966 1983.