Supporting our community’s mental, physical and social health during COVID-19

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Social distancing and lockdown will be a difficult period for everyone. While we’re not able to run Rabble sessions, we needed to think about how to look after the mental, physical and social health of our community during this time. At Rabble, we’re lucky that strong communities naturally form. The games and sessions themselves are accessible and sociable – anyone can play, people communicate a lot during the games, and we usually head to the cafe or pub after.

The way this has now translated into an online community is through daily exercise challenges, daily ‘Taskmaster challenges’ (e.g. recreate a significant historical moment using only objects around your home), weekly quizzes, regular online games/boardgames, and one-offs like a bake off and live aerobics class.
We have incredible community members, who have helped drive the ideas and lead them, and we’re very grateful to them!

As well as all the fun and exercise, we’ve also got a Whatsapp group going as a more serious, supportive space for people to share how they’re feeling, check in on everyone and discuss anything COVID-related.

We’re hoping to come out of the other side of this unprecedented time with a community that’s stronger than ever.