How to make new friends post-lockdown

In Uncategorised by Alex Gorst

COVID 19 has changed the world as we know it. And whilst lockdown has been tough, it really has helped us to crystalise what’s important in life and created an incredible opportunity for us to make lasting changes with these in mind.

We shall no longer take for granted our health, relationships and personal freedom and whilst we’ve made our best go of recreating these experiences virtually, nothing beats face to face interactions. So now with lockdown lifting, how do we try to enrich our lives, no matter what our situation, whilst staying safe?

During lockdown, making new friends and building new relationships has been harder than ever and this has led to record levels of loneliness and poor mental health. Feeling part of a community and connected is absolutely critical for good mental health. So we’ve made a list below of some of the best ways to meet people and make new friends in both on and offline scenarios.

1.Join a socially distanced social sports club

Sports and activities are slowly making a return. At Rabble we have created a socially distanced version of our games, meaning that we can still enjoy the same fun, social fitness safely. We play in teams on and off the field and as a result, it’s a great way to naturally build up a social network. On the field you’ll find us playing anything from British Bulldogs to Dodgeball, Capture the Flag and more and afterwards join us for a socially distanced drink or maybe our virtual book club. There’s no need to have ever played any of our games before, we’re an extremely friendly group and beginners are very welcome.

2. Find a new hobby



Depending on what you’re into there are plenty of opportunities to try something new. Why not join a Book club – like Rebel Book club currently meeting virtually or doing some gardening in an allotment or community garden. Perhaps you could join a dance club and learn a new style of dance – like swing dance at Swing Patrol. There’s something for everyone.


3. Learn something new


Perhaps you can meet new people whilst learning a new skill. What about learning a new language? There are plenty of courses at Lingua Diversa language school, or you could pick up some cooking and baking skills from leading chefs at Larks Live, an online cooking school. Otherwise, if you’re more crafty you might enjoy London Art Classes available online. If those aren’t for you, there’s plenty more on offer, from AmDram to learning a new instrument to creative writing. 


4. Volunteer locally


There are many local volunteering opportunities that can really help you to feel connected to the local community, these are usually best found on local news boards or your local council or ward’s website. If you’re looking for something more specific there are hundreds of opportunities to volunteer on the website Do-it.


5. Join online social groups


There are many online social groups that can be very active and a great way to find others looking to meet people. If you’re an expat you could look to find other similar expats by trying groups like Aussies or Kiwis in London facebook groups or New Girl London Facebook group. There are also meetup organisations like Spice Uk, Thinking Bob and Citysocializer who all organise social meet ups and drinks.

Whilst it can be challenging and nerve racking to take the first few steps into trying something new, it’s absolutely worth it to find your community as it’s shown to improve your happiness and mental health. We hope we have inspired you to find your tribe.