20 Reasons to become a Rabble instructor

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Whether you’re looking to chase your passion or pocket some cash, there’s plenty of reasons to be an instructor for Rabble…



1. Rabble is super fun, we run fitness classes that are games from beginning to end and our players exercise without realising it!


2. It’s a unique form of fitness, it’s very different to other fitness propositions on the market, be the first in your local community to kick off!


3. Rabble games are all team based and thus naturally build a strong community. This contributes to EPIC retention and a great group of friends.


4. You can actually make money from it! Some of our instructors make around £200 per hour long session.


5. Receive two new games every month, plus special feature events to help you market your sessions and deliver added value to your community.


6. Use of the Rabble booking platform, so your sessions are listed and bookable on the Rabble website.


7. Receive a ‘how to’ marketing and launch guide before you set up.


8. Rabble is not a FAD, games have been around forever, and are universally enjoyed, but it’s been difficult for adults to fit them in around a busy lifestyle, now we’ve made them accessible and are bringing them back!


9. Rabble is not at risk of having their instructors replaced by virtual instructors.


10. You can organise friendly games against local Rabble communities, to strengthen team spirit and create excitement.


11. You’re in control of your schedule, locations, and timings, so you can bolt it onto your job or add it to your fitness class schedule.


12. You can set your own pricing, so you can earn far more than gym based instructors, with much more freedom.


13. You can play almost anywhere, meaning you can save money on the venue!


14. 71% of participants do not attend a gym or local leisure centre, providing you with a new target audience.


15. Rabble games have a 50:50 gender split, unlike any other fitness class.


16. 87% who experience Rabble come back for a new game. Rabble’s retention is exceptional.


17. All participants are invited to our annual winter and summer trips, an opportunity to deepen relationships outside of the sessions.


18. Opportunity to showcase the fun and playful side of your personality by running games.


19. Learn and master new coaching & training skills to broaden your fitness instructing skills.


20. Direct contact and support from the Rabble team to help you kick off and be successful.

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  1. Great for improving mental health!

    How long does it take before you can run sessions.
    Do you do the course at your own rate and on average how long does this take?

  2. Hi
    One of your instructors contacted me recently
    And as I was struggling to find £199 he mentioned I could pay in installments
    If this is possible how would this work

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