Charlotte (Founder)

Charlotte has a short attention span. Easily bored she got bored of exercise. After leaving the world of international sport she cycled from Beijing to London for charity and wanted to love exercise once more. Rubbish at most team games and struggling to take sports seriously, she just wanted to play different games with her mates every day. Finding this surprisingly impossible in London, she quit her job to 'live off fear' and founded Rabble.

Mark (COO)

Mark brings order to the Rabble. Excelling in our cone management course, with a key competency in handling balls, rarely dropping any, on or off field as a rugby enthusiast and operations professional. Easily the calmest member of the team, he is not all serious introducing new games to the Rabble, most of which include drinks...

Henry (Games Master)

Henry is a cool cucumber. Yes, he has an epic moustache, lives in Brixton and owns a pigeon print jumper. Having coached top level English rugby as well as football and cricket internationally, Henry now dabbles in everything from breakdancing to art. Ask him about his new board game.

Tam (London)

Tam is a current Australian National frisbee player from Sydney. She is lethal with a disc. Now she's a PE teacher, and yes she knows all your tricks... Never without a feather in her hair.

Samantha (London)

Our smiley Essex Girl Samantha joined Rabble as a player in January 2015, but finally gave in to Rabble friends who had been egging her on to become an instructor almost two years later. This means she knows all the game loopholes and the naughty players to keep an eye on! When she's not dodging balls at Rabble, she's writing digital marketing strategies at an international children's charity. Ask her about her favourite dance move.

Steve (London)

A veteran player who couldn’t get enough of Rabble, so he joined our instructor team. He’s friendly, positive and helpful and loves welcoming new people. A technologist who enjoys any kind of game - especially the outdoor variety and odd sounding dark beers! Ask him about his Citydash winning streaks.. this guy has strategy nailed!

Veva (London)

Veva is our super positive Spanish health coach. Passionate about people, food and sports, she loves to explore! The most important things to her in life are family, friends and positive thinking. Her motto is to never give up! :)

Dan (Cambridge)

Dan has always had a passion for games, which lead him into the industry. Dan's first passion is rugby, and when he's not playing, he jogs his a favourite six mile loop around Cambridge. Always looking to further his knowledge he's undertaken a vast array of fitness courses, a super attentive instructor always willing to help you out on the field.

Chris (Chester)

Chris is a fit lady. A primary school teacher by day, she is used to the raw emotions we see on field. A super supportive instructor, with a passion for sport and fitness. she impressively qualified for the the European triathlon championships and she's also Charlotte's mum!

Kieran (Manchester)

Kieran pioneered Rabble outside of London, building a strong community in Manchester. In the day time Kieran is a primary school teacher with a huge passion for transforming PE in schools. After work he's a football fanatic, playing, coaching and watching (Liverpool) as much as possible. Don't get him started on Tequilla!


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